Letitia Tunstall, printmaker.

Circles or maps   I have chosen  3 prints produced by Letitia Tunstall, a printmaker who predominately uses collagraph and mono prints.       Letitia comments: ”Preoccupied with landscape and intuitive feelings to… Continue reading

Colour and shape.

I began exploring textiles this term with the laying out of a colour spectrum. Using yarn, fabric, inks and clothing, the printing table was filled with colour.  I particularly enjoyed breaking health and safety… Continue reading

Dry Point …

Dry Point printing is an intaglio process. The word intaglio is derived from the Italian term meaning “I cut into”. In this process, the areas incised or cut into a metal plate actually… Continue reading

New Beginnings and Inspiration ….

Last weekend I went to the National Photographic competiton on The Moor – Sheffield. It was fantastic. Photos of the clearest and most spectacular images from around the world. http://www.wildplanetexhibition.co.uk  I also went… Continue reading