What stifles creativity?

Feeling blank, without a creative thought, idea or glimpse. The project “Journey” (see the brief @ www.journeydowntheaisle.wordpress.com) offers a wealth of opportunity, so why have I been brain fogged? So, what does stifle creativity?… Continue reading

What is art?

A very interesting article, I agree with most of it whilst believing that there is enough room for all art, providing the providers of the twee stuff can debate well enough to support their choices! Germaine… Continue reading

18 out of 23 millionaires!

There are 18 millionaires out of the 23 people in the Con Dem cabinet. Their policies reflect this. They are attacking jobs, living standards, pensions and services. They want to privatise everything. They… Continue reading

Stop and smell the … violin?

THE SITUATION In Washington , DC , at a Metro Station, on a cold January morning in 2007, this man with a violin played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that… Continue reading

Shuffle around at the Millenium

Whilst I’m on the subject, Saturday also saw me visit the Millenium Gallery- well, I was in town anyway! The change round of silverware in the Ruskin section is now more interactive – would… Continue reading

Site Gallery 5th Feb 2011

Saturday dawned miserable and wet, but intrepid as I am (sometimes) I went along to the Site Gallery. There is an installation about Paul Robeson, by Sonya Dyer, I counted three pieces, a triptych of… Continue reading

Don’t miss this …

As I can’t get to do any art today, I decided to investigate other people art. WOW! you need to see http://www.googleartproject.com it allows you real close ups if images in several art… Continue reading

Fancy bookbinding?

New bookbinding workshop Just a quick email to let you know that we have a lovely new workshop now booking on the Craft Candy website – Bookbinding with Heather Dewick.  This time Heather will… Continue reading

Testing Reblogs …

Sorry about the last post, I am still finding my way around the accessories:* like this* button? and reblogs? I now know that they publish on my blog – hopefully the handmade post was… Continue reading

Missing it already … (via Knittedfog's Blog)

hopefully back on Monday, before lethargy sets in! The college term began yesterday and I'm not there! Seem to have another bout of this seasons flu. Although I'd love to be doing whatever it… Continue reading

Don't Buy That (via Handmade by Anne Potter)

While I can easily justify the expense of "must-have" craft supplies (the sparkly beads I've been eyeing, a palette of lusciously colored wool roving, black brass bezels, you know), I cannot justify the expense… Continue reading

Missing it already …

The college term began yesterday and I’m not there! Seem to have another bout of this seasons flu. Although I’d love to be doing whatever it is they are doing, it doesn’t seem fair… Continue reading

Rant, then Rave …

Unusually for me, a rant  in full swing. I’m well and truly fed up!  This virus is absolutely horrible chest sore from intercostal muscle pain, head and back sore from aches, ears sore from… Continue reading

Worth another visit …

Couldn’t resist another visit to the Graves gallery. Black and White photography detailing local(ish) landscapes. Fantastic. Until Saturday, March 19, 2011   Paul Nash & Fay Godwin Drawing on photographs owned by the… Continue reading

wonderful weather …

Hi All, Hope you are enjoying the weather, Isn’t it fantastic. I woke to silence this morning, the last time I woke to this much stillness was in February, 1990, top of Snowdon, freezing in a… Continue reading