Sam’s printing workshops …

Dear Reader,

Just a quick rave about the workshop on reduction printing I attended last week at Sam’s studio. IT WAS FAB!

I learned loads, had lots the time to print, enough tea to sink the Titanic and laughs that gave me jaw ache.

I’m looking forward to this Tuesday’s session – Surfaces to print: under collage, over collage, cut-outs, printing obnto fabric.

The class runs from 10am to 4pm, 30 mins for lunch – bring your own. ( and costs just £40.00 per session or less if you can prove benefits)

Workshops are:

02/08/11 – Heat press techniques

09/08/11 – stitching into printed surfaces

16/08/11 – felt making

23/08/11 – Needle felting

30/08/11 cutting and jointing with felt.

You would be advised to ring Sam as places are limited

Sam’s number is 07988840711.  or