Eva Rothschild & Phyllida Barlow

Last night saw the first public artist conversation at the Hepworth. The auditorium was full and a waiting list employed.

Eva Rothschild in conversation with Phyllida Barlow, they talked for around 90 minutes on Rothschild’s exhibition “Hot touch”. A thoroughly enjoyable dialogue.

As is usual for me it raised points for further consideration;

Plinth ‘v’ stand – does the architecture add to or detract from the sculpture?  To what extent does this depend on environment?

Placement of the object: is the object placed in relationship to the eye? Body? Site?

Is the work made for the place? or Made and then placed?

Notion labour ‘v’ value: Does the art have a greater value if the artist has spent a considerable time in the making? Does this include thinking time? Current trends? Personal Evaluation?

SunriseSunrise, Wandering Plam and Tombstone, Wandering Palm and Tombstone (all works 2011)

Exhibition Details       Eva Rothschild – Hot Touch opened at the Hepworth Gallery on 21st May 2011 and will show until 9th October 2011.

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