Structure and Material

Well I never! An art event in Yorkshire (YSP) that exhibits 3 women artists – and this is not the Hepworth, me granddad would’ve been turning in his grave.

These significant artists: Clare Barclay, Karla Black and Becky Beasley, investigate the way we create meaning through form. That’s what it says in the brochure.

I was particularly engrossed in Barclays “Quick Slow” work. Each repetition was very slightly different, but when viewed as a whole the changes are not identifiable.


It is a good walk to the long gallery – although I caught the free bus!

The exhibition is on until 26th June, 2011. Moving to Spike Island, Bristol  on 9/7/11 then The New Art Gallery, Walsall  on 30/09/11.