What stifles creativity?

Feeling blank, without a creative thought, idea or glimpse. The project “Journey” (see the brief @ www.journeydowntheaisle.wordpress.com) offers a wealth of opportunity, so why have I been brain fogged?

So, what does stifle creativity? perhaps the joint pain, right knee and left shoulder? perhaps the headache, constant since yesterday? perhaps the creeping black dog that I am unable to restrain due to physical restrictions? perhaps the lack of someone to discuss “what is art?” with?

Unable to attend two workshops, 3D and Ceramics, leaves me frustrated, I’ve forced myself to do some research and still feel uninspired.

Still very upset that I was not able to attend the exhibition opening “Look at Me” at the workstation – Sheffield, in which I have 2 pieces of work .

Think I’ll watch the sculpture programs that I recorded from BBC3.