18 out of 23 millionaires!

There are 18 millionaires out of the 23 people in the Con Dem cabinet. Their policies reflect this. They are attacking jobs, living standards, pensions and services. They want to privatise everything.
They are allowing the bumper bonus culture for the bankers, the people who caused this crisis. If we do nothing they will succeed. The more we resist the harder it will be for them to make the cuts.

Protest at the Lib Dem Conference 11th & 12th March
4.30pm Friday – Town Hall
11am Saturday – Devonshire Green

The Lib Dems have lied on tuition fees,VAT and bank bonuses. The biggest lie was to pretend that they were a progressive force in British politics. By joining the Tories they have made possible the most Right wing Government since the war. What the Liberals have done is unacceptable in a modern democracy. We elect people to represent our views, NOT to do what they feel like or what is best for their careers.

There are alternatives: the Government could end tax evasions and avoidance, it could increase taxation of the rich. It could scrap Trident and end its pretence that it can police the world. It could invest in green jobs.

TUC National Demonstration 26th March

(from SACA)