Shuffle around at the Millenium

Whilst I’m on the subject, Saturday also saw me visit the Millenium Gallery- well, I was in town anyway! The change round of silverware in the Ruskin section is now more interactive – would recommend taking the kids.

The greatest pleasure was a small exhibition named Graphic Nature- well worth a vist for both the textiles and the maths? Never thought I’d say maths in the same senrtance as textiles – must be learning a thing or two.

The Millenium says: “This exhibition proves that nature still holds plenty of surprises, and continues to influence even the most contemporary of ideas. Natural patterns from giraffe skin to cauliflowers and Italian marble are transformed into edgy dramatic designs. Like the Arts and Crafts designers, some designers in the exhibition study nature to create decorative and useful objects for living. For other designers, it is the underlying complexities of nature – physical forces, mathematics and evolution – that appeal”.