Site Gallery 5th Feb 2011

Saturday dawned miserable and wet, but intrepid as I am (sometimes) I went along to the Site Gallery. There is an installation about Paul Robeson, by Sonya Dyer, I counted three pieces, a triptych of watercolours – with an abstract tang – which I was drawn to  as I’m often interested by the slightly edgy.

An account of the passport application he stood for, blown up and repeated, that filled a whole wall. Interesting reading and easy to see how he, a committed fighter for social justice, accomplished lawyer, and writer not to mention and songmaster.

The last piece was projected photographs, shots of a street marker with his name on it underwritten by what the artist found along the same street.

All this to a background of his singing which I continued to be serenaded by whilst having a cup of coffee, well worth the effort.

Paul Robeson application

Detail :Application