Missing it already …

The college term began yesterday and I’m not there! Seem to have another bout of this seasons flu.
Although I’d love to be doing whatever it is they are doing, it doesn’t seem fair for me to pass it on, but …, no I won’t.
Instead I’ve watched all the programs I taped on the arts – could it be withdrawal symptoms? – but Baroque! Well I’ve had enough. Whilst I understand the change in direction of these ‘ paid only by the church’ artists and I understand (now) about the issues of colour, perspective, positioning, representation etc. etc. The one up manship between Bellini and Benini leaves me cold. I am totally disinterested in Caravaggio and his thoroughly depressing images of ordinary folk. Enough is enough. The renaissance is too long ago for me and I’ll treat it as a boring history lesson.

I really intend to be back ASAP.