Rant, then Rave …

Unusually for me, a rant  in full swing. I’m well and truly fed up!  This virus is absolutely horrible

  • chest sore from intercostal muscle pain,
  • head and back sore from aches,
  • ears sore from the hot iron bar that keeps invading,
  • vision doubled,
  • all joints painful and throat sore, as usual,
  • lack of sleep from coughing – both mine and Jo’s

The Rave: this is my preferred state of being, and honestly the harder I have to look for the positives the more I find …

  • Chance to watch all those art programmes stored for a rainy (snowy) day – it’s just started to snow in Burngreave.
  • I get to watch the snow without feeling that I should be doing anything else.
  • Time to spend with Jo, who is just as ill as I am.
  • Chance to talk about anything in the most unhurried, unpressured way (maybe we’ll get next years holidays sorted)?
  • A slow, but well thought out, tidy of my studio.
  • Opportunity to change my Xmas cake recipe (I’ve left it too late for the usual)
  • Opportunity to practice my crocheting!
  • Opportunity to learn Tunisian crocheting.
  • Time to put my glass work photos onto this blog.

Well thanks for listening, I’ve cheered myself up a bit and have a list of do-able things, much better to be positive, eh?