wonderful weather …

Hi All,

Hope you are enjoying the weather, Isn’t it fantastic. I woke to silence this morning, the last time I woke to this much stillness was in February, 1990, top of Snowdon, freezing in a sleeping bag stretched on an overhang! More ice than snow there.

No college today as its closed, still, swot that Pauline says I am, I decided to run up a pencil wrap.

Thanks to Madbird for advice!

And it even stays closed!

I visited the Harley Gallery at Worksop at the weekend, there are some very well equipped studios there. Glass blowing, printing, paper mache artists and lots more. I found a screen for printing, a squeegee and an A2 carry case for sale, paid £8, £6, and £3 respectively! What a great birthday present!

used once!

serendipity eh?

Oh well, enough procrastination, I could get on with “Colour and Content Constable to Rothko”  or I could learn to crochet?