Letitia Tunstall, printmaker.

Circles or maps


I have chosen  3 prints produced by Letitia Tunstall, a printmaker who predominately uses collagraph and mono prints.




Letitia comments: ”Preoccupied with landscape and intuitive feelings to record that which the eye cannot see to evokes a sense of place”.                 She says her new work has been inspired by a four-acre site encompassing the Coldrum Stones, a Neolithic burial site near Trottiscliffe. 

The smaller print suggests an aerial view of an ancient burial site, each circle offering a suggestion of the bones beneath the surface. Perhaps imagining body like cocoons, enclosed within the shapes.

The whole suggests a community of graves connected with (possibly Ley) lines and contours, bringing the viewer into a protected and sacred site.

It could be that this is an abstract of a topographical feature as indicated by the height lines on a map or just the imaginary landscape drawn from knowledge of the area.

Image 1

 Images 2 and 3 offer different perspectives of standing stone – they could equally be breakers on a shore or posts in a broken fence, either interpretation clearly shows the direction from which the light enters, horizon lines and the lighter background shows the sky receding and the foreground as a darker mass (proving aerial perspective).

I particularly like the gray-scale used in these to pieces, it give a quality of life to the monoliths, enhances the line and exaggerates the textures – rough earth, smooth stones.

 By clearly defining the horizon in each piece, the eye is drawn to the standing stones which protrude above it, bringing the viewer into the picture.


Image 2