Colour and shape.

I began exploring textiles this term with the laying out of a colour spectrum. Using yarn, fabric, inks and clothing, the printing table was filled with colour.

Pat standing in the blue section!

 I particularly enjoyed breaking health and safety rules by standing on the table to take this photo.This exercise was easy enough if the colours were of the same hue and tone but discords and simultaneous contrasts made it difficult to assess their placement.

Perhaps Pat should have been standing on the other side of the table.Interesting that the camera didn’t pick out the discords, something to do with the camera (light primary colours are red, yellow and green) or the computer (can only use what’s programmed).

Anyone for Skittles?

This image is my favourite. Perhaps the absence of people (no surely not). Just that the image picks out the raised bobbins and shows the energy we put into placing discords on one side and harmonies on the other.

Moving on to making a spectrum that could be pasted into the portfolio.  Using a selection of materials from the table, I created the following:

I prefer to take my time …

Perhaps a little too colourful for Wales?

 The landscape opposite is an abstract study in warm colours, representing the earth spectrum.

I can’t remember if the blue is sky or water?

Rhythm and repeat to come next …