Dry Point …

Dry Point printing is an intaglio process.

The word intaglio is derived from the Italian term meaning “I cut into”. In this process, the areas incised or cut into a metal plate actually print the image while the un-cut surfaces are wiped clean.

Dry-point results in a soft, almost fuzzy line.When inked and printed these pitted surfaces produce tonal or textural areas.

line drawing
Thought this was a good starting place.

This plate was etched using a scribe, sort of stick with a point! If attempting at home I use a compass point.

As you can see this was inked with black.

The following have a little more colour.

I like the duotones in this.

This dry point offers a range of surfaces: netting, sandpaper and it has been roughed up with a nail file. This allows for the inks to take on a shaded and deeper tone.
Inspired by a particularly marshy piece of bog, somewhere in the Breacon beacons!   
Seems it always rains when I go to Wales!

From my portfolio

Not trusting myself (yet) to draw the same thing twice! I traced this, felt like a 5-year-old but an artist friend said it was a legitimate technique.
My new book is almost full – think I get fewer pages this time around. Still it looks better than the last one, so I must be getting the hang of it.

Sailing in Mumbles

One last dry point image: Whilst in Wales, we visited Swansea – it’s on the coast! this was a real surprise for me. Mumbles beach is wonderful; half term saw lots of activity by kids learning to sail
dinghys, so that was the catalyst for this ….
I especially like this image as the lines of colour seem to give it an aura of movement.
Still find it difficult to remove all the ink from the surface of the card.